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November Blog

Recognized as one of the first green industries, the scrap recycling industry creates and supports jobs while having a positive impact on the environment. An April 2017 impact analysis study was conducted to document the size and scope of the scrap recycling industry in the United States and its significant impact on the U.S. Economy.

The study shows that companies in the scrap recycling industry support directly and indirectly almost 535,000 well paying jobs in the U.S. Generating more than $116.9 billion annually in economic activity. According to the study these workers earn more than $34.3 billion in wages and benefits. While the industry pays more than $13.2 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.

Cozzi Recycling, its employees, and customers are a part of the scrap metal recycling industry which is a major link in the manufacturing chain.

We’ll tell you more about the study and the benefits of scrap recycling in the near future.

October Blog

In recent months, we have made some significant infrastructure improvements at our locations. Our public recycling center in Melrose Park is now a drive through facility. For your convenience and safety, no backing up is required. Simply pull into the entrance at 2400 Main Street, unload, and pull out.

After 3 months of stable scrap steel prices, volatility has returned. There has already been a significant drop in prices and we are expecting them to drop even more throughout the month.

Earth Day

In recognition of the 47th Earth Day, Cozzi Recycling is joining individuals and organizations around the world in celebration of the Earth and what can be done to preserve the planet.  Earth Day, started in 1970, takes place every April 22nd in a worldwide effort to save and nurture the environment of which recycling plays a crucial role.

“Earth Day brings together all of humanity to celebrate the planet that we share. Recycling is such a vital component in  the health of both the environment and the world economy. We hope generations to come continue to realize the importance of recycling to the preservation of the earth and its resources,” said Frank J. Cozzi, CEO of Cozzi Recycling.

Each year the scrap recycling industry recycles roughly 135 million metric tons of materials, thereby transforming society’s outdated and obsolete products and materials into useful raw materials needed to produce new products. In doing so, the scrap recycling industry has made great savings in both energy and natural resources and thus has had an extremely positive impact on our environment. Further, by purchasing products at the end of their life and processing them back into raw materials used in the manufacturing of new products, scrap recycling reduces the need for virgin materials, such as iron ore, trees, and other natural resources. Recycling reduces energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change, while helping to maintain a steady supply of raw materials for the U.S. and global economies.

“Each year Earth Day provides us with an important reminder not only of the need to do our part to protect the earth, but also the positive impact the recycling industry has on the environment and energy savings,” said Robin Wiener, president of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). “Together with our members, ISRI serves as an environmental steward to not only promote recycling at all levels, but also educate future generations on the importance of recycling, encourage manufacturers to design products with recycling and earth conservation in mind.”

A few examples of how recycling helps preserve the environment include:

  • There is up to 87 percent reduction in energy consumption when producing recycled plastic compared to producing plastic from virgin materials.
  • Recycling one ton of paper saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill.
  • The total estimated reduction in C02 emissions from scrap recycling globally is approximately 410 million tons per year.
  • On average, the United States processes enough ferrous scrap daily, by weight, to build 25 Eiffel Towers every day of the year.

Cozzi Recycling is a member of ISRI, the Voice of the Recycling Industry™.  ISRI represents more than 1,300 manufacturers and processors, brokers and industrial consumers of scrap commodities, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, electronics, rubber, plastics, glass and textiles.


March Blog

Last month we talked about the results of a Harris poll discussing what people believe, and what their perceptions are, about recycling.

Here are the important facts:

  1. Scrap recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions by requiring much less energy to manufacture products from recyclables than from virgin material and by land fill avoidance.
  2.  The U.S. scrap industry is a sophisticated, capital intensive industry that employs close to 150,000 Americans.
  3.  In 2015 alone, more than 130 million tons of recyclables worth over $80 billion were manufactured into specific commodities by the U.S. scrap industry.
  4. Though we have no written evidence from the cavemen about recycling, there are artifacts found around the world that would lead us to believe that they were recyclers.

Debunking the myths:

Although the issues of curbside items  being commingled with waste may have been true at one time, huge investments in recycling and sorting plants have been made across the globe to eliminate this issue.

Products made from recycled material have become the first link in the manufacturing supply chain.

Recycling has been integral to the U.S. economy, global trade, and resource sustainability for over 200 years.

Saving energy and conserving resources is the biggest myth.  While 5% thought this to be a myth, this is the greatest contribution of recycling.

Recycled steel, aluminum and copper save 56%, 92%, and 90% respectively over raw material.

Recycling 1 ton of steel conserves 2500 pounds of iron ore, 1400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone.  Recycling 1 ton of aluminum conserves more than 4 tons of bauxite ore.

Truth be told, recycling makes the world better in so many ways.

True or False?

A recent poll conducted by Harris Polling for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries found that many adult Americans don’t believe statements about recycling to be true.  In the poll, participants were given 4 factual statements and 4 myths about recycling.


Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions – 49% believed this to be true.

The U.S. recycling industry is highly technical and sophisticated – 28% believed this to be true.

There is enough recyclable material in the U.S. to meet the needs of manufacturers – 27% believed this to be true.

The history of recycling dates back to the days of the cavemen – only 19% believed this to be true.


Recyclable material put in residential curbside bins is mixed with garbage in a land fill – 11% believed this to be true.

A product made from recycled material is of lesser quality than those made from a new raw material – 8% believed this was FALSE.

There is little or no economic value in recycling – 7% still believe this to be true.

Recycling does not save energy or conserve natural resources – 5% still believe this to be true.


In the end, 73% believed at least one truth while 22% believed at least one myth to be true.  Stay tuned for next month’s post where we will supply the facts about the truths and debunk the myths!