December Blog

Cozzi Recycling Welcomes Local Fire Departments

At Cozzi Recycling, we understand the importance of being active members of our community. More importantly, we understand the value of practicing responses to unforeseen circumstances. Recently, we opened the doors of our facility to work with local fire departments and their rescue teams on rescue training. We were happy to welcome 25 service men and women from the Bellwood, Westchester, Northlake, Rosemont, and Norwood Park fire departments. They used our equipment to practice using torches, saws, the Jaws of Life and other tools used in emergency situations.

James C. Adams of the Westchester Fire Department expressed the value of this opportunity: “It was such a great opportunity to be able to practice with these tools and figure them all out now, rather than when there is a real emergency.” Adams looks forward to other opportunities to keep up with training on their emergency rescue equipment.

Using these tools and techniques in real life threatening situations is unfortunately a regular occurrence. Practicing during a real crisis is not an option.

We welcome the opportunity to work with these heroic public service individuals who may someday save one of our lives.