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Scrap Metal Removal for Chicago, IL

Also Serving Addison, Lombard, Elk Grove Village and the Surrounding Areas

Whether you manage a metal fabrication shop or work as an HVAC contractor, you likely have a lot of scrap metal you need to dispose of. From old air conditioners and appliances to file cabinets and production scrap, all that scrap can quite literally weigh a ton.

That’s why you should choose Cozzi Recycling for all your scrap metal removal needs in Chicago, Addison, and the surrounding areas. If you have a large amount of scrap metal, we can send our state-of-the-art fleet to pick it up. Call Cozzi Recycling today to help develop a scrap metal recycling program unique to your needs.

Why Recycle?

Scrap metal recycling keeps metal out of landfills and puts money in your pocket. At Cozzi Recycling, we help protect our planet’s resources by turning your scrap into useable material. Metal can be melted down and reshaped into an endless variety of items, from cars to plumbing to planes. Put your old metal to good use, and contact Cozzi Recycling today.

How It Works

If you regularly produce scrap metal, we can offer you a scrap metal removal program tailored to your needs. We can offer you the following:

  • Fast and fair payment
  • Accurate calculation of the weight of your scrap metal
  • Regular history reports
  • High-quality service from seasoned professionals

Our team will arrive at your location in a flatbed, end-dump, roll-off, or lugger truck to start our recycling process. Once the material is picked up, the material will be brought into our yard for classification and processing. If you require a container for a particularly odd-shaped or bulky item, we can custom build one for you.

Contact Us Today

For almost 70 years, we have provided customers with scrap metal removal and recycling. We gladly serve manufacturers, contractors, and individuals. Call us today at 847-233-0300 for scrap metal pickup.