Repurposed: Episode 4 Season Finale

In the Season 1 finale of Repurposed, John Sacco concludes his journey at the SSAB steel mill in Muscatine, Iowa. Here, he learns about the innovative ways that the mill is producing "green" steel, which is more energy-efficient and less impactful to the environment, thereby supporting communities. The innovative steps taken by SSAB towards sustainable

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Repurposed: Episode 3 Showcases Recycled Materials

In Season 1, Episode 3 of  the series Repurposed, John Sacco continues on a journey through SSAB's steel mill, where he witnesses steelmaking up close and personal. After leaving a recycling facility, recycled metals are transported to the mill, where they are sorted by grade and type. Later, they are melted inside an electric arc

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Repurposed: Episode 2 Features Steelmaking & Safety

We continue to feature Repurposed, a multi-episode video series that highlights various American metal processors and recyclers. In episode 2 of Repurposed, John Sacco visits SSAB, a steel mill in Muscatine, Iowa, to explore the connection between recycling and steelmaking. He showcases recycling as an  essential part of the steelmaking process and how it helps

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John Sacco Introduces New Series, Repurposed.

Our friend and colleague John Sacco introduced a new multi-episode series, Repurposed. The Repurposed series is a collection of videos that showcase American metal processors and recyclers across multiple episodes. The series demonstrates how recycled materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, are processed and transformed into new steel, aluminum ingots, and copper anodes. While those

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Cozzi Recycling Infrastructure Updates | Phase 2

Cozzi Recycling is excited to announce phase 2 of several infrastructure improvements taking place at our locations. We are excited to announce that coming soon is a brand new dispatch & customer service office! The new office will include meeting rooms, lunch rooms, & locker rooms. Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!

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