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Cozzi Recycling meets the scrap metal recycling needs for all size companies. We process metals for domestic and international delivery. When dealing with Cozzi Recycling, you eliminate the middleman and maximize scrap revenues.

Cozzi Recycling clients include: industrial plants, metal manufacturers, demolition contractors, auto dismantler, auto mechanics, builders, fabricators, stamping operation, service centers, electrical contractors, factories and mills both in the Chicago area and across the Midwest.

Handling All Scrap Metal Projects

We are fully equipped to both remove and process all types and sizes recyclables, including obsolete metals. Our removal equipment includes roll-off boxes, gondolas, self-dumping hoppers, and stackable bins, and our scrap metal processing machinery includes shredders, shears, hydraulic balers, and more.

No matter the amount or size of the scrap metal you need removed and processed, we have the equipment necessary to get the job done. We have been serving businesses in Chicago and the surrounding areas for nearly 70 years, and we have always made it a priority to give our customers fair and honest treatment.

Rid your business, home, or property of unwanted metal today.

Serving Customers While Protecting the Environment

We are committed to serving both our customers and the land. Of course, recycling, in general, is great for the earth, and on top of that, we make sure that to use the most up-to-date recycling methods to ensure that we protect the environment as much as we can.

When it comes to customer service, we strive to have the fastest, most efficient transportation and scrap metal processing services out there. We have been serving the residents of Chicago, Addison, and the surrounding areas for nearly 70 years, and we have always made it a priority to give our customers fair and honest treatment.

When you call us to remove your scrap metal, you can feel confident that you are receiving the best in customer service.

Do yourself and the ecosystem a favor; recycle your scrap metal with us today.


The Cozzi Recycling ferrous processing plant is equipped with a Bonfiglioli Shredder. The Shredder is capable of processing both ferrous and aluminum scrap. This machine was added to enhance the processing capabilities of Cozzi Recycling. Through shredding, Cozzi can process obsolete and oversized scrap in-house giving our customers the highest possible return for their scrap metal.

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