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Cozzi Recycling meets the scrap metal recycling needs for all size companies. We process metals for domestic and international delivery. When dealing with Cozzi Recycling, you eliminate the middleman and maximize scrap revenues.

Materials Handling

Cozzi Recycling has you covered when it comes to onsite scrap metal containers. No matter the amount of your scrap or the frequency you need it processed, we have your customized solution…

Pick-Up Services

No matter if your business needs a one-time scrap pick-up or routine removal, Cozzi Recycling can help. Cozzi Recycling provides premier industrial and commercial metal recycling for clients…

Drop-Off Services

With 2 locations dedicated to commercial clients and individual scrappers, our knowledgeable technicians are expertly trained to assist with fast drop-offs with fair and accurate payments…

Materials We Buy

At Cozzi Recycling, we buy and process all grades of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal for recycling. See our list of materials we accept as well as restricted items…

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We are Cozzi Recycling

Cozzi Recycling is Chicago’s premier scrap metal recycling facility, owned and operated by one of the industry’s most prominent and trusted families. The Cozzi family has been serving Chicago and the Midwest for over 80 years, offering an unparalleled level of experience and expertise in the scrap metal recycling industry. Both the family and the company are locally born and bred, with Cozzi Recycling’s headquarters and flagship recycling facility located just outside of Chicago in Bellwood, IL.

As a full-service scrap metal recycling company, Cozzi Recycling’s customers benefit from our distinct competitive advantages. We’re a direct mill supplier of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, and one of the few companies in the Chicago area that offers complete recycling solutions.

Credibility is the key to our company’s success, so all of our decisions and actions are ultimately driven by integrity. Customers who honor us with their business are guaranteed fair, optimum pricing and an abiding commitment to honest, courteous service.

If you have metal recyclables, no matter how large or how small, the staff at Cozzi Recycling can take them off your hands.


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Industries We Serve

Cozzi Recycling can provide your business with the essential elements for profitable and efficient scrap metal recycling. Our company’s dedication to understanding our customer’s needs allows us to eliminate the inefficiencies in any scrap metal recycling program, maximize our customer’s returns, and ultimately exceed customer expectations.

Cozzi Recycling has a long history of proudly serving a variety of professionals and businesses, including:

  • Auto Repair and Body Shops

  • Construction Contractors

  • Demolition Contractors

  • Excavators

  • Electricians

  • Fabricators and Weld Shops

  • Forge Shops

  • Foundries

  • HVAC Companies

  • Machine Shops

  • Metal Service Centers

  • Metal Spinners

  • Metal Stampers

  • Plumbers

  • Roofers

  • Siding Contractors

  • Truck and Trailer Repair Facilities

Cozzi Recycling also provides convenient recycling services for public walk-in customers at our drive-up facility in Melrose Park. Whether you have aluminum cans, metal siding, or household items, we make the recycling process quick and easy.

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Why Choose Cozzi Recycling?

Cozzi Recycling is dedicated to providing our customers with the finest service, value, and quality in the scrap industry. The company strives to fulfill its duty as a good corporate citizen to employees, customers, and the community. We maximize our return by being the most efficient transporter, processor, and marketer of recyclable metals.

Cozzi Recycling will successfully achieve its mission through the development and continuous improvement of a motivated team of employees, and by operating a system and equipment that’s second to none. Success will be measured by the company’s ability to develop a system of operation and controls that help the company achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage that can be transplanted to other strategic markets.

At Cozzi Recycling, we handle all grades of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal for recycling. We shred, shear, bale, and prepare scrap metal for domestic and international shipments in accordance with mill, foundry, and smelter specifications.

Ferrous Metals are the most common type of recycled metals in the United States. They’re valued for their tensile strength and durability, and they’re used to make items like construction materials, industrial piping, railroad tracks, shipping containers, tools, and vehicles. If you have ferrous scrap metal we’d like to pay you top dollar for it. We purchase baling clips, cast iron, heavy melt solids, machine shop turnings, plate and structural solids, punchings, rail, sheet iron, steel busheling, and more.

Nonferrous Metals don’t contain an appreciable amount of iron, so they’re non-magnetic and highly malleable. They’re among the few types of materials that don’t degrade or lose their physical or chemical properties during the recycling process, which allows them to be recycled an infinite number of times. If you have nonferrous scrap metal we are interested in buying it from you. We purchase high nickel alloys, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and some precious metals and e-scrap.

Learn more about what materials we buy  or call Cozzi Recycling today to discuss your material.

Cozzi Recycling offers a full range of pick-up services and drop-off services to help you maximize your scrap metal recycling returns. We’ll work with you to create a program that addresses your unique scrap metal recycling needs, and we’ll handle all of the heavy lifting.

Scrap Metal Pick-up Services

Cozzi Recycling offers a full fleet of state-of-the-art trucks and tractor-trailers that can be scheduled or dispatched to pick up your scrap 24-hours a day in Chicago and the surrounding area. All of our trucks are DOT-certified, and our expert drivers are commercially licensed, insured, and extensively trained. If you need a container to store and transport the scrap, we offer gaylord boxes, self-dumping hoppers, lugger boxes, roll-off containers, tote boxes, 55-gallon barrels, van trailers, flatbeds, gondola trailers, and dump trailers. We can also provide custom containers to meet your unique scrap metal recycling needs. Learn more about our scrap metal pick-up services here.

Scrap Metal Drop-off Services

We offer two convenient drop-off locations in the Chicago area. Retail customers can drop off scrap loads at our drive-through facility in Melrose Park. Commercial customers can drop off scrap loads at our full-service recycling yard and warehouse in Bellwood. Both locations are staffed with experts who are highly trained in metal identification and grading, making the drop-off process prompt and consistent every time. Learn more about our scrap metal drop-off services here.

Our locations are conveniently located for your scrap metal recycling needs. To learn more about which facility you should be visiting for your particular load, call us now.

Credibility, integrity, and optimum pricing are of utmost importance to our company, so we utilize the latest technology in the scrap metal recycling industry to ensure accurate weigh-ins and pricing. Our expert recycling technicians are extensively trained in metal identification and grading, and all of our employees are held to the highest standards for honest, accurate service.

The scrap recycling industry plays a substantial role in resource conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development. By turning obsolete or outdated materials into useful raw metals, scrap metal recyclers are able to contribute to a greener planet by reducing the need to cut down additional trees, mine for new ore, and otherwise deplete the earth’s natural resources. In 2018, the industry recycled 138 million metric tons of material. Using scrap metal in lieu of virgin ore generates 97% less mining waste and uses 40% less water, according to the National Institute of Health. Scrap metal recycling also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by producing substantial energy savings.

The U.S. based scrap metal recycling industry is the first link to the manufacturing supply chain. According to this 2019 ISRI Economic Impact Study, scrap metal recycling continues to be integral to the economy by providing 531,510 adults with good jobs in the United States and generating approximately $109.78 billion annually in economic activity.

Additionally, in the U.S. alone 66 million metric tons of scrap steel and iron, 46.1 million metric tons of paper, 5.2 million metric tons of aluminum and 1.8 million metric tons of scrap copper were recycled in 2017.

Cozzi Recycling is committed to keeping reusable materials out of landfills, and we’re proud to help individuals, professionals, and businesses contribute to a greener planet. To maximize our positive environmental impact, we strive to use the most up-to-date recycling methods and equipment.

Cozzi Recycling was built on a foundation of service, innovation, market expertise, and professional integrity. The strength of the Cozzi family has created one of Chicago’s and the Midwest’s most trusted and largest full-service scrap metal recycling companies.

The Cozzi name is synonymous with scrap metal recycling in Chicago and the Midwest. What began as a rag and junk business founded by Frank Sr. and Frank Cozzi in 1945, grew to be the largest scrap metal recycling company in the Midwest.

In the early 1960s, Frank Cozzi and Sons began putting an emphasis on scrap metal recycling, collecting excavation and demolition steel for scrap processing. The firm continued to grow in the Chicago area, gradually devoting all of its resources to scrap processing. By 1965, Frank Cozzi and Sons were targeting manufacturers’ scrap metal for recycling and became Cozzi Iron & Metal. Cozzi Iron & Metal become a publicly traded company in 1997 by merging with Metal Management.

In 2006, the Cozzi family formed Cozzi Consulting Group, which served generators of scrap and recycling companies in all capacities of expertise. Naturally, doing what it does best, Cozzi Consulting Group, while working with a Chicago area client, was offered an opportunity at ownership of the company that is known today as Cozzi Recycling. To learn more about our history click here.

Our Core Values

2018 Best Fleet Award, Intermediate Class(1)


“Out of all the recycling places I’ve ever picked a load up at, these guys here compared to all the others are very helpful in telling you where to go and what to do. They’re very respectful and polite to drivers.”

Chris Murnane

“Very helpful… Great prices and wonderful service. Not to mention being kind to Mother Earth!!”

John Michael

“Service is beyond 5 star’s very welcoming, and for a girl coming in and Recycling scrap they walked me step by step and I’ve now gained knowledge.”

Stephanie Aguirre

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