Scrap Metal Drop-Off | Chicago, IL

At Cozzi Recycling, we buy scrap from individuals and serve dozens of industries, including automotive, construction, manufacturing, plumbing, electrical, foundries, and many more. Come to one of our drop-off locations in Bellwood or Melrose Park to earn money for your scrap metal today. Both locations are directly across the street from each other, so it will be the same distance for you wherever you are coming from.

Full Service Scrap Metal Recycling Yard & Warehouse | Bellwood

Our Bellwood location is our main office and our steel yard. Bellwood is designed to accommodate larger vehicles such as semi-trucks and flatbeds. It is where you will see our Cozzi Recycling fleet entering and exiting, as well as many other commercial clients and partners. Whether you need to use our truck scale for commercial vehicles and containers or you pull up to the loading dock, you will be greeted by our expert staff, who are highly trained in metal identification and grading, making the drop-off process prompt and consistent every time. Here are just a few of the features of our Full Service Scrap Yard and Warehouse:

  • Computerized Inbound and Outbound

  • Shipping Management System

  • Nonferrous Baling, Sorting, and Shipping

  • Computerized Truck Scale

  • Shredding & Shearing

  • Shipping Center

Public Metal Recycling Center | Melrose Park

Our Melrose Park location is set up to better serve the public bringing in their recyclable metals. Our Public Metal Recycling Center is an indoor recycling facility designed for the public to bring in their recyclable metals and receive compensation for them. Our entrance is located right underneath the 25th Ave bridge. Once you drive inside, you will pull into one of the designated numbered parking spots. You will unload your metals and bring them to the floor scale to be weighed. We have large bins for more oversized items, such as appliances, and small push-carts for smaller items.

This location is fully staffed, and we have forklifts if you need help unloading material from your vehicle. Once your materials are weighed, we will give you a ticket with a barcode. This ticket will list the commodities that you brought in, the weight of each commodity, and the current market value for your metals. You will bring this ticket to the ATM we have on-site, scan the barcode, and collect your cash. Here are a few highlights of our Melrose Park Public Metal Recycling Center:

  • Access via 19th Street

  • Drive-in Public Buying Center

  • Computerized Inventory Management System

  • HRB 2 Ram Bale

  • Free Coffee Every Day

  • Free Customer Appreciation Lunch – Every 3rd Wednesday

Receive Fast, Efficient Service

At Cozzi Recycling, we know that time is money. Our dedication to customer service ensures that we provide the fastest, most efficient transportation and processing of any recycling company around. With nearly 70 years of experience serving the residents of Chicago, Addison, and the surrounding areas, we have the expertise to accomplish all of your recycling needs both quickly and competently.

For more information, call (847) 440-3922.