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No matter if your business needs a one-time scrap pick-up or routine removal, Cozzi Recycling can help. Cozzi Recycling provides industrial and commercial metal recycling services for clients from all industries, including manufacturers, construction and demolition, electrical contractors, retail scrap operations, and more.

We are fully equipped to both remove and process all types and size recyclables, including obsolete metals. Our removal equipment includes roll-off boxes, gondolas, self-dumping hoppers, and stackable bins, and our scrap metal processing machinery includes shredders, shears, hydraulic balers, and more.

No matter the amount or size of the scrap metal you need removed and processed, we have the equipment necessary to get the job done. We have been serving businesses in Chicago and the surrounding areas for nearly 70 years, and we have always made it a priority to give our customers fair and honest treatment.

Based in Bellwood, IL, we work with customers throughout the greater Chicago area. If you are looking for scrap metal pickup in Chicago and the surrounding areas, look no further than Cozzi Recycling.

If you regularly produce scrap metal, we can offer you a removal program tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves on:

  • Accurate calculation of the weight of your scrap metal

  • Regular history reports

  • High-quality service from seasoned professionals

  • Custom metal recycling containers to fit your needs

  • 24/7 pick-up services from our reliable fleet

  • Fast and fair payment

How it Works

Contact us now to discuss the type of materials and quantities that you are handling. If it is a one-time pick up, our team will arrive at your location in a flatbed, end-dump, roll-off, lugger truck, or one of our many other options to start our recycling process. Once the material is picked up, the material will be brought into our yard for classification, weight, and processing.

If you process metal regularly and need ongoing services, one of our highly trained account executives will assist you in setting up a metal recycling program that fits your needs. Together we will decide what type of onsite containers you will need for your business. We can also discuss scheduling regular pick up or if it’s best for you’re to just contact our pick up team when your containers are getting full. Whether scheduled or simply dispatched, once the material is picked up by our fleet, it will be brought to our yard for classification, weight, and processing.

Contact us today to see how we can serve you and deliver top-dollar for your materials.

Cozzi Recycling’s large fleet of specialized trucks are dispatched 24 hours a day to serve hundreds of clients in the Chicagoland area. Whatever the type and volume of scrap metal that your facility generates, Cozzi has the right type of containers and trucks to make pickups easy. You can set up a regular pick up schedule with one of our specialists or call for a one-time pick up service when you want it.

Cozzi Recycling fleet drivers are experienced professionals and represent our commitment to customer service and reliability. All of our trucks are fully insured, DOT-certified, and you can be sure that every single one of our drivers come with a depth of experience and extensive training.

Cozzi Recycling dispatchers connect to our drivers using push to talk iPhones, ensuring a well-connected workforce, real-time operational awareness, and accurate location information.

Having a collection container on-site is one of the best ways to store scrap metal between pickups. It provides a convenient place to keep scrap metals organized and away from the shop area, so you’re not having to deal with the clutter that often comes with scrap materials.

Our clients can use our no-cost containers to collect and store any type of scrap metal. We offer Gaylord boxes, lugger boxes, roll-offs, tote boxes, self-dumping hoppers, Gondola trailers, dump trailers, van trailers, flatbeds, and 55-gallon barrels. We can even create a custom program for your facility if you have complex or unique needs.

Talk to us if you’re interested in a solution to contain your scrap metal between scheduled pickups. There’s no additional cost for collection containers, and we handle all of the heavy lifting. Cozzi Recycling will take care of the delivery and the pickups when containers are full, so you can keep your focus on your business.

Gaylord boxes are made with heavy-duty cardboard. With a standard size of 48” x 40” x 36” they can hold up to 1,500 pounds of materials. A Gaylord box can handle just about any type of scrap metal, and they’re easy to transport by forklift when loaded onto a pallet. Most of our clients use Gaylord boxes for collecting aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and brass.

While they’re ultra-durable, Gaylord boxes aren’t intended to be reused. They’re designed for a single use, so it’s best to start a new box after each pickup. Gaylord boxes are recyclable, eco-friendly, and inexpensive to manufacture and use.

Self-dumping hoppers are made with durable, dependable steel, so they’re an ideal choice for extended use. A self-dumping hopper is designed to automatically dump its load when the locking latch is released, then return to the locked position. The hoppers usually have a powder coat finish to help resist chipping, scratches, and corrosion.

Self-dumping hoppers are an ideal choice for shops, foundries, and construction sites. They can be loaded onto a forklift for easy transport, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit your unique situation:

  • Length/Width – 25 inches to 99 inches
  • Height – 17 inches to 55 inches
  • Capacity – 7 cubic feet to 135 cubic feet
  • Load – 750 pounds to 6,000 pounds

Lugger boxes are another popular collection container in the scrap metal recycling industry and are a prime pick for hauling heavy scrap materials. Luggers use lifting lugs rather than long rails to transfer the container on and off the transport truck. Like self-dumping hoppers, they’re made of durable steel and are built for repeat usage. A good lugger box will have solid welds on the inside and outside of the container with reinforced corners.

We offer large lugger boxes that are 20-yards. Depending on your needs, the lugger box can include a removable lid, rear doors, and drain holes.

Roll-off containers are a popular choice for shops, foundries, and construction sites that have large amounts of heavy-duty metals (more than a lugger box can handle). It’s an ideal choice for long-term sites and projects. You can use this type of container for almost every ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including stainless steel, tin, iron, and wire & cables.

We offer roll-off containers in 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard sizes, with heights ranging from 4 – 8 feet and the option for sealed tops. We’ll handle the heavy lifting—our trucks can drop off the container, place it in an ideal location, and then return to pick it up and roll it away when it’s full, or when the job’s over, whichever comes first.

Metal and plastic tote boxes are a simple solution for small spaces where an oversized, heavy duty container won’t fit. They’re available in a variety of sizes and they’re stackable, making them a great choice for small spaces. Tote boxes are ideal for light metals like aluminum cans and wiring.

55-Gallon barrels, also known as drums, provide another great solution for lightweight metals in small spaces. Most of our customers who use them tend to process smaller amounts of lightweight metals and prefer to keep the barrels inside. That said, the barrels are water-tight and sealable, so they can be placed outdoors if necessary, and they’re certified for the containment and shipment of many dangerous materials. We recommend storing barrels on a wooden pallet in clusters of two or three for easy transport by forklift.

We offer plastic barrels and steel-drum barrels. Plastic barrels are ideal for lightweight metals that don’t have sharp edges, while the steel-drum barrels offer the extra durability to handle lightweight items with rough edges that could poke through a standard plastic barrel. Each barrel 24 inches in diameter and 35 inches tall.

Gondola trailers – also known as steel scrap trailers or scrap tin trailers – are an excellent option for hauling scrap materials. They’re commonly used to haul large scrap loads from the original site to the recycling facility, and they’re especially useful for cleaning out warehouses or other large commercial and industrial spaces.

Cozzi Gondola trailers come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Our Gondola trailers are 8.5 feet wide, and up to 45 feet long, with anywhere from 4-foot to 8-foot side walls. Our largest gondola trailers have a maximum capacity of up to 60 yards and can hold up to 20 tons of materials.

Dump trailers are durable, open-top trailers that are made of steel, so they’re durable enough to handle heavy loads and sharp-edged materials. Our dump trailers include tarp mounting brackets on the front of the bed, with J-hooks on the sides and rear for tarp control. Double two-way latching doors on the back make it easy to access the bed, and the hydraulic lift system makes it simple to quickly dump your scrap load.

Dump trailers are an ideal choice for cleanup scrap loads that are too small for gondola trailers, roll-off containers, or van trailers, but are too large for self-dumping hoppers. We offer a variety of different sizes, from small dump trailers for residential sites to large dump trailers for commercial cleanup sites. Our dump trailers offer low-profile or high-profile sides, and they range in length from 60 feet to 83 feet. Our largest dump trailers can hold up to 14,000 pounds of scrap materials.

Generally speaking, we don’t recommend using dump trailers or other open-top containers for transporting scrap long distances on the highways. They’re great for short trips and transport routes that mainly utilize city or rural streets, but if you need to transport a large scrap load long distance, we’d recommend using a gondola trailer or van trailer instead.

Dry van transportation is the most common type of freight transportation in the United States. Dry van trailers, sometimes referred to as enclosed box trailers or shipping containers, are basically a box on wheels with large double-doors on the back end. They provide secure, weather-resistant storage, so they’re safe to leave outdoors as long as you keep the doors bolted shut with a heavy-duty lock. They’re highly versatile when it comes to both local and long-distance hauling. Van trailers are ideal for storing and transporting large amounts of heavy-duty materials that are too valuable to leave uncovered, or that are susceptible to corrosion in inclement weather.

When it comes to delivery and pickup of van trailers, our commercially-licensed and insured truck drivers will take care of all the heavy lifting. All of our trucks are DOT certified, and you can rest assured that our drivers come with a depth of experience and extensive training. We offer trailers up to 53-feet-long, with a maximum load of up to 45,000 pounds.

As the name suggests, a flatbed is simply a truck with a level bed, with no sides or roof. They’re convenient for transporting heavy loads that are abnormally shaped and won’t fit in a standard container. A flatbed is an ideal choice for transporting vehicles, though they can also be used to haul Gaylord boxes, tote boxes, 55-gallon barrels, and some self-dumping hoppers.

If you have metal items that are abnormally shaped and won’t fit in a standard container, or if you have smaller scrap containers that need to be picked up, we have a fleet of flatbed trucks that we can dispatch to pick up your scrap.

When it comes to on-site collection of scrap materials, our goal is to give you the customized solution that best fits your needs. Call us today to discuss container options and pick up services that suit you.

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