Cozzi Recycling is committed to helping your company create a GREENER planet by helping you recycle your scrap metal and other materials. Whether it’s scrap metal, wood, glass, paper, plastic, or electronics, we can be your single-source recycler. Our flexible solutions reduce your waste stream AND reduce costs. Partnering with Cozzi Recycling will maximize your scrap metal recycling profit!

The U.S. based scrap metal recycling industry is the first link to the manufacturing supply chain. Scrap metal recycling continues to be integral to the global economy employing approximately 138,000 workers in the United States. Additionally, in the U.S. alone 74 million tons of scrap steel, 47.8 million tons of paper, 5.1 million tons of aluminum and 1.9 million tons of scrap copper were recycled in 2011.